Are you buying a house or building in Hobart or Southern Tasmania? We perform independent building defect inspections using state of the art inspection tools including a thermal imaging camera, video borescope and moisture detection meter.

Does my home need a building defect inspection? When is a building defect inspection necessary?

  • A building in need of maintenance or renovation may require a report from an independent building professional which highlights any defects or issues and makes recommendations for remediation or maintenance.
  • If building works have been finished to an unsatisfactory standard, Building eValuate can provide a report (or advice) that highlights or confirms substandard workmanship. This may include cost estimates for remediation work.
  • Land lords may need documented evidence of a rental property’s condition pre-tenancy and post-tenancy.
  • Building eValuate’s ‘Scope of Works’ report documents the repairs and materials required to remediate damaged areas of a building. A Scope of Works report may be necessary to obtain quotes from relevant tradespeople.

Before you buy a house in Tasmania, talk to us about a building defect inspection – it could save you thousands!